Meet Jack Colgan

Happily married for 52 years, Jack and his bride brought forth two wonderful children. Happy with his family but unsatisfied with staying still, Jack has been a busy man. 

Colgan proudly served in the United States Navy, studied at DeVry University, worked his way up the corporate ladder as Vice President of Marketing, and kicked off his own successful business. 

Still busy after retirement, Jack mentors foster children and is an active member in the Safety Harbor Chamber of Commerce besides becoming a patent-holding inventor.

“Keep things simple,” Jack says.

In response to his own glaucoma diagnosis, Jack developed a nifty little gadget to help him in opening and securely closing his little eye drop bottle. It wasn’t long before he realized that there were many thousands of people with glaucoma and other eye-ailments who also struggled to open and securely close expensive eye drop bottles.

This one thought motivated Colgan to develop a prototype of his gadget and show it to his ophthalmologist for professional feedback. His Doctor was ecstatic! The Eye Specialist asserted that many of his patients could really use such a multi–use tool. This encouraged Jack to go ahead and obtain a U.S. patent and create what he now calls the CapTool®. The CapTool® is the only product on the market that combines an easy-to-grip twist-cap opener with a shrink wrap remover.

Jack found himself with a great product that literally sold itself. However, it wasn’t long before he realized that it was still difficult for him, as well as many others, to actually place those drops easily in the eye…and to do so without wasting the expensive medication. You know, the liquid that runs down your face when you squeeze the eye drop bottle.

This brought him to his next invention, the DropTool®, a tweezer-like gizmo. This clever bottle-squeezing tool fits snugly around the tiny eye drop bottle and allows you to easily hold the bottle steadily over your eye at a comfortable angle. With a simple pinch of the arms, just the right amount of liquid is dispensed, not too much nor too little, as is often the case when trying to squeeze the bottle by hand. This makes for much less spillage, less effort, and far greater accuracy which, in turn, saves both precious time and money.

Being a lover of his Country and environment, Colgan uses recycled materials for both his CapTool® and DropTool®, and manufactures them both right here in the United States.

In Jack's Own Words

What My Wonderful Customers Say

"At last there is an efficient and effective tool to deal with impossible-to-open-with-arthritic-hands eye drop bottles."

"The CapTool is working wonderfully for me."

"I just opened what is usually an impossible bottle of drops with ease."

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